The Founders

An Innovative Formulation for Peace through Art and Industry

Both art and industry have in common the perpetual need for fertile creative thought that is the source of all innovative and dynamic activity. It was this creativity that motivated my wife and me in 1965 to found our first factory in Israel. I am proud to say that the Dr. Fischer group of companies now includes several factories. We are involved in the R&D and manufacture of medicinal eye and skin care preparations, employ hundreds of Jewish and Arab workers and the company’s products are marketed in many countries worldwide.

As industrialists, we know that there is no substitute for continuously encouraging growth and developing original entrepreneurship. We are convinced that industry succeeds where culture flourishes and that there should be a defined place alongside economic activity for cooperation with cultural enterprises and assistance to the arts.

We wish to convey our gratitude to the artists who have participated in this project. We trust that the exhibitions that have been displayed at many locations around the world will testify to Israel’s undivided and absolute desire for peace.

We wish to convey our gratitude to the artists who have participated in this project and trust that the exhibitions displayed at many locations around the world.

Dvora and Dr. Eli Fischer
Founders of Fischer Pharmaceuticals & Art for Peace Collection

Dvora and Dr. Eli Fischer are the driving force behind a unique and exquisite collection of art focused on the theme of peace.
As founders of Fischer Pharmaceuticals Group, they feel that despite countless innovations over the years in the fields of skincare and ophthalmology, their efforts at blending art and industry towards promoting peace and coexistence among nations is one of the most exciting and rewarding projects they have initiated to date.