Doron Polak

Currently, no commercial company in Israel continues to provide years of ongoing support to artistic projects and exhibitions. As an organization, Dr. Fischer has taken up the banner of support for artistic activities which aim to contribute to tolerance and understanding among enemies, and encourages artists to create works that educate and infuse a dialogue of compromise.

Dvora and Dr. Eli Fischer believe that its employees’ involvement in the community is a unique objective, and therefore leverages the collection and its activities as a means of benefiting the public by exhibiting it in Tel Aviv’s Social Gallery, which presents different art exhibitions every two months. These shows promote various social organizations.

Dvora and Dr. Eli Fischer founded the Art for Peace collection which includes some 500 artworks, initiated and activated the “Artists Messengers of Peace” collection which has been presented in over 30 countries, and uses the Tel Aviv Social Gallery as a platform for supporting young artists by exposing their work. This collection connects to the industrial manufacturing plant’s creative activities. Dvora and Dr. Eli Fischer believe it is important to return to the public some of its resources while simultaneously being part of an informal advocacy framework designed to emphasize, via the tool of artworks, the organization’s commitment to peace.

Doron Pollack, artist and international curator, has guided Dr. Fischer for over 30 years. He personally assisted the late Dvora Fischer and Dr. Eli Fischer in their encounters with artists worldwide, linking Dr. Fischer to local and foreign talent.