erms of Use

1. General

1.1 The “Art for Peace” website (the “Website”), is run and managed by Fischer
Pharmaceuticals Limited (hereinafter: “Dr. Fischer”), as a digital gallery intended only
for private viewing.
1.2 These terms of use constitute the relationship between Dr. Fischer and any individual
who enters the website (hereinafter: the “User”). Each use of the website is subject
to these terms of use (the “Terms of Use”).
1.3 The Terms of Use apply to any use of the Website by any computer or alternate
communication device (such as a cell phone, mobile/tablet etc.).
1.4 You hereby approve that you have read the read the Terms of Use, understood all
stated herein, and agree to use the Website according to the Terms of Use. If you do
not agree to the Terms of Use, you are hereby requested not to use the Website.

2. Use of the website

2.1 The use of the Website and its contents is AS-IS, and is limited solely for noncommercial personal and private viewing purposes.
2.2 The use of the Website according to these Terms of Use is open to any user without
pay and does not require registration.
2.3 The User commits to use the website and its contents according to these Terms of
Use and the law.
2.4 The User is forbidden from use of the Website and any part thereof for any purpose,
commercial or other, in any means or media, that is not private and personal

3. Intellectual property rights

3.1 The Website, including in all of the artistic works (hereinafter: “the Works”) and
other content included in the Website, the application, the interface, etc., are all
protected by the intellectual property laws of Israel and of other countries pursuant
to international treaties, all together and separately.
3.2 The User is forbidden from using Dr. Fischer’s name, logo and artwork, and
trademarks, including without limitations, those used in the Website.
3.3 Copyright in Works: The copyright in the Works displayed on the website remains the
property of its owners and is not owned by Dr Fischer. The User is strictly forbidden
from any reproduction of the Works, their publication, broadcasting, performance in
public, transmission, communication to the public, making available to the public,
making adaptations, rental, lending, distribution, sale or licensing without the
authorization of the copyright owners.
3.4 Copyright in Other Content: The copyright in the content on the Website (other than
in the Works and in content originating from the Israel Post) is owned by Dr. Fischer;
the reproduction, publication, broadcasting, performance in public, transmission,
communication to the public, making available to the public, making adaptations,

rental, lending, distribution, sale or licensing of any part of the content is subject to
Dr. Fischer’s prior approval in writing.
3.5 Use of certain Works in the Website where the copyright owner is unknown or has
not been located is done according to Section 27A of the Israeli Copyright Law 2007
(the “Israeli Copyright Law”). If you have recognized a Work in which you are the
copyright owner and you are not interested in its inclusion in the Website please
notify us by email accordingly and Dr. Fischer will remove
the Work .
3.6 Use of certain Works in the Website where the author of the Work is unknown is
done according to Section 50 of the Israeli Copyright Law. If you have recognized one
of your creations and have not received accurate credit for authorship of the Work in
the Website or if the credit was inadvertently given to someone else in good faith,
please contact us by email supported by any helpful
evidence that the Work is your creation, in order to enable Dr. Fischer to examine
your claims and correct and/or update the credit accordingly.

4. Copyright infringement notification policy

4.1 Dr. Fischer takes copyright protection very seriously. Therefore, if you believe that
your copyright in a Work appearing on the Website has been infringed, please
contact us by email, supported by any helpful evidence
regarding your ownership in the Work.
4.2 Dr. Fischer retains the right to remove, at its own discretion, any Work suspected as
infringing third party copyrights, without prior notice.

5. Dr. Fischer’s rights in case of a violation on the User’s behalf

5.1 The User hereby acknowledges that any unauthorized use of the Website by the user
not according to the Terms of Use constitutes a violation of copyright laws, and Dr.
Fischer and anyone on its behalf has the full right to exercise all rights and remedies
available by law.

6. Privacy Policy

6.1 The Website treats the Users’ privacy with respect and therefore does not collect any
personal data regarding its users and no registration is required in order to access
the Website.
6.2 However, like other websites, we record your visit automatically through cookies,
which are a small data structure sent to your computer to record your visit to the
Website and to identify you in future visits. These cookies may be saved permanently
on your computer by your browser but you may disable these cookies. By approving
the pop-up window shown on the entry page of the Website, you approve the
cookies storage. For lack of any doubt Dr. Fischer wishes to make clear, that it does
not monitor to save any personal data.

7. Indemnification

7.1 The User hereby undertakes to indemnify Dr. Fischer and its employees and anyone
on their behalf, for any argument, claim, damage, loss, payment or expense

(including legal fees and expenses) that might arise from the User’s use of the
Website in breach of these Terms of Use or violation of any applicable law.

8. General

8.1 Dr. Fischer may change and update these Terms of Use from time to time according
to its full discretion, without prior notice. Therefore, the User is advised to check for
updates regularly.
8.2 If and to the extent that any provision of the terms of use will be defined as invalid,
illegal or unenforceable by a court of law, it will not derogate from the validity of all
other provisions of the terms of use.
8.3 The laws of the state of Israel apply exclusively on the use of the Website, and the
exclusive jurisdiction in regards to any claims regarding the Website and the Terms
of Use is given solely and uniquely to the proper courts in Tel Aviv, to the exclusion of
all other courts.